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Martinez Measurements was established in 2002 by its President, William G. Martinez. For most of its term the business has operated as a sole proprietorship, offering custom strain gage and instrumentation services to the aerospace industry. Functioning primarily as a sole source supplier to industries small and large, the business has grown significantly through direct industry contacts and associations. The attributes of the business are its expertise and unique skills in applying custom strain gage transducers to complex components and structures in a timely, cost effective manner. Experience, ingenuity, versatility, low overhead and rapid turn time are the hallmarks of the business. As a result of our rate of expansion, Martinez Measurements has recently taken on partnership, with the intention of expanding its services to a broader customer base.


We want to provide services to uniquely optimize the instrumentation phase of your business process. 

Martinez Measurements' success is the result of its focused approach to servicing our customers' needs. The business prides itself on high quality, low cost and on time delivery! Quality instrumentation application is the foundation of the experimental test world. Accurate test data is the expected outcome.

Our business model is focused on providing services to accommodate the instrumentation phase of your engineering project.


Strain Gage
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William Martinez

With a lifetime of experience, William is an expert in his craft. He is a United States Air Force Veteran who began his career at Pratt & Whitney. For over thirty years, he held the title of Senior Engineering Technician within the Materials Engineering and Research Laboratory. During his tenure, he worked on projects related to experimental mechanics, strain gage and instrumentation, and jet engine component and structural testing. He then represented U.S. Test, LLC  as Vice President, directing operations in conjunction with projects involving jet engine repair services, strain gage and instrumentation applications, and non-destructive testing. In 2002, he established Martinez Measurements, providing numerous clients with strain gage and instrumentation services. 

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Gary Sosnowski

Gary boasts over three decades of experience dealing with projects directly related to strain gage and instrumentation services. He recently transitioned to our team from Pratt & Whitney where he held the title of Senior Engineering Technician within the Applied Mechanics group. He worked on a diversity of projects involving aerospace engineering, experimental mechanics, static and vibration testing, experimental stress analysis, modal analysis, strain gage and measurement transducer applications and installations, instrumentation and signal conditioning applications, test rig fabrication and lean manufacturing principles integration. Gary joined our team in early 2019 and is enthusiastic about growing the business through continuous innovation and customer relationships.

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